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Why Us 

Please see below a few reasons why York Cold Storage has been chosen as a refrigerated warehouse by many companies:

- Blast freezing capability of 400,000 pounds daily;
- Competitive rates, adjustable to meet customer needs;
- Staging and tempering areas;
- Hand-selected order picking;
- Freight consolidation services;
- Three-day access to either coast, two-day access to Gulf ports;
- Personnel on-site for 24-hours per day, 7-day per week shipping.

- USDA Warehouse ID-Number: 3871
- USDA APHIS number: NE-BLO-0001 

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Facility Information

York Cold Storage was constructed in 1946 and has undergone several expansions in the subsequent decades. Our facility has over 4,000,000 ft³ (113,267  m³) of refrigerated space and has a temperature range from -40 to 40°F. Other features include: a twelve truck platform, processing and quick freezing facilities, and the capability to process and pack poultry, pork, and beef. 


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