Great West Casings, LLC

Great West Casings, LLC is a company specialized in the initial sourcing, production, and cleaning of natural casings in packing houses worldwide. The company's primary goal is to provide customers with a higher quality product and a superior level of service by bringing our formula for success to the US casing market.

Its network is focused on providing high quality products to sausage processors and industry distributors. The group has developed technology and equipment that produces a better yielding, higher quality casing at the slaughter houses. Along with the management in selection facilities overseas and its own distribution facility in York, Great West Casings can offer greater control and superior quality throughout the complete supply chain. 

Great West Casings, LLC's product range and distribution is not limited to natural hog. Beef, sheep, and artificial casings of the highest quality are also available. In addition, this partner is an important supplier of mucosa and other animal derived raw material.