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Bonded Warehouse 

York Cold Storage has served as a bonded warehouse for hundreds of companies.

York Cold Storage was built with a War Production Board Permit for food processing and cold storage and we have been in business since 1945. 

With USDA approval to freeze, store and ship foods to all parts of the world, York Cold Storage has a long history of working globally. Products from our cold storage warehouse routinely ship to such destinations as Mexico, Japan, Canada, France and Sweden.

York Cold Storage, LLC is a member of IARW (International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses) and IIAR (International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration).


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Leasing Space

Many food processing companies have found the facilities at York Cold Storage to be an ideal location for their business operations. That is because York Cold Storage accommodates these companies and helps them to get off to a running start. 

Packaging Options

Our packaging options include: naked blocks, boxes, and fresh combos. More information available on request.

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York Country Meats & Edible Ice Plant 

York Country Meats co-packs edible pork and chicken products and has blast freezing capabilities.

York Cold Storage, LLC is an FDA-approved ice plant which produces 20,000 pounds of edible ice every day.